Whether you are purchasing prebuilt cabinets or having them made for you, it just might be one of the largest investmentS you make and you will be living with it for a long time.  So when looking for cabinets for redesign, updating or home resale value you want to make sure you make the right choice.


There are two sides to every story and purchasing cabinetry is no different.  On one side your decision is based on design, storage, function  and budget.  On the other hand you have creative ideas such as what cabinet hardware to use, colour schemes and what material should the cabinets be built of.  We have supplied a list of things to be considered when purchasing cabinetry.



There is no point in spending large amounts of money on updating your kitchen only to regret the payments and feel financially in dispare.  It's important to investigate all avenues and find your financial comfort zone.   There are a number of ways that you can save money on your new kitchen and still get the look you are seeking.  One suggestion is... can your cabinet boxes be reused and just replace the faces?  Turner Custom Wood Design will reface your cabinets to give you the look you are striving for.



When designing your kitchen storage is always on the top of the list, is the storage you have now working for you?.  If not what do you need to make your storage more condusive to your life style?  Perhaps a corner carousel?, pull out refuse container, more shelving?  Turner Custom Wood Design works with you to ensure you have the most use of your space.



The final look of your cabinets and the most fun part of redesigning your kitchen, now you choose the door style.

There are a few choices of door style from modern to traditional, traditional allows for more embelishments while the modern style is simple and elegant.  You can have your door style custom made with Turner Custom Wood Design 



What is the look you seek?  Do you want to see the hinges on the out side of the door or are you looking for the hidden hinge that is a soft close?  What about the drawer glides?  will they mount on the side of the drawer or do you prefer undermount.  At Turner Custom Wood Design we use face hinges, hinges of your choice or soft close hinges and undermount drawer glides made by Salice of Italy.



Cabinet boxes can be made of a number of materials but at Turner Custom Wood Design we only use solid Hardwood or 5/8" plywood to match your door and drawer faces.  Either material is very sturdy and will last.  Plywood cabinets offer durablity and a more cost effictive method of building high end cabinetry.  All doors, drawers and shelves are built with solid Hardwood.  Turner Custom Wood Design  has made some technical advances in the way of door construction which will eleviate cracking or bending of the doors.  This advancement will add more enjoyable time to your  solid Hardwood cabinetry.















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