Vocabulary : countertop... we call it a board

                    face grain...... the face of the cut lumber

                    edge grain......boards are laminated on their sides

                    end grain.........boards are laminated ends up

                    lamination.....glue up



Hardwood countertops can be constructed of most hardwoods such as Ash, Oak, Maple, Saplele, Brown Maple, or Wormy Maple, or a combination of Hardwoods. 


A hardwood countertop is for esthetics only, it is not to be cut on as it is not a Butcher Block. 

A Butcher Block or cutting board should be used, face grain countertops do not "heal" like an edge grain or end grain block does.


The construction of your Hardwood countertop is very important so here are some guidlines for you.


1. Are the strips full length or finger joint?

Full length boards tend to be less likely to split or warp at the joints, (this is how we build our countertops)

Finger joint boards are made of muliple small strips laminated together at various intervals within the board, the opportunity for the board to heave at the joints is much greater.


2. Is the block solid?

This can be tricky to figure out but if you look on the top of the board and the ends of the board, the grain on the ends will be alternating up and down.  Placing the grain of the boards in opposite directions aids in the strength of the completed board, and it reduces warping.


Sometimes you will find a block with a facegrain construction but the sides of the boards are end grain, this is done by laminating a very thin strip of end grain to the sides.  the sides on a facegrain board should be edge grain not end grain


There are blocks that are made of particle board and covered with a wood laminate, this is NOT a true solid Hardwood countertop. Ask your supplier or retailer for more information before you purchase.


3. How is it finished?

Hardwood countertops can be stained or left clear but should be finished with varathane, poly or your choice of clear finish.  Marine grade varnish is good too.


If you need more information please use the contact page and we will be happy to assist you!



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